Nursery Intake is a simple to use online platform that allows prospective parents to sign their children up for nursery placements. The premise was to remove the manual effort from this simple process, for both the prospective parent and the institution.

What does NURSERY INTAKE do?

Hosted on a DfE approved, secure, cloud storage platform, NURSERY INTAKE is a modern web form that streamlines the placement registration process. Developed in partnership with school based nurseries, it asks the right questions and can be further tailored to meet individual establishments needs. Built from the ground up using modern web code NURSERY INTAKE works reliably on any device, be it a computer, tablet, iPad or Smart Phone. Staff can easily download the entrants in a CSV file ready to be imported into a Management Information System (MIS) such as SIMS.Net.


  • Saves time for both prospective parents and staff
  • Is easy to use
  • Can be accessed from anywhere on any online device
  • Removes the potential for errors as data is only entered once, by the applicant
  • Has been built with GDPR compliance in mind
  • Stored all data securely on a DfE approved cloud platform

As the software is cloud hosted there is no additional onsite hardware required. All data backups and storage are included in the platforms costs. We take pride in this low cost, zero maintenance package.


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